Full Spectrum IT Solutions

TGS Partners can help you get the most from IT

We are a small company with big ambitions. Founded 5 years ago by 4 founding partners, our original intention was to pool experience and skills to be effective at delivering the services our clients and customers wanted. We have grown from having a dozen SME business clients and we have specialised in the Startup, Entreprenuer and SME market.

Our No. 1 aim is simple…

  • enable new businesses to seize the opportunities
  • enable new businesses to adapt to change
  • take the headache away from IT
  • capitalise on opportunity technology can offer

Cloud, data & web is what we do best…

We believe the young business of today, can turn ideas into reality with less effort, in less time than ever before. The possibilites brought by cloud technology are wide ranging and profound. Exploiting cloud can accelerate business growth at every stage. A business having an original product idea today has access to technology that can enable their work in every area. We can help put together a package of cloud & in-house technology to cut the costs of hardware & software ownership.

Pay for what you need, when you need it…

IT System & Service provider. Software development & project management experts. Fully trained & experienced business consultants available on short contracts and short notice. Fill specific skills requirements without the fuss - no recruitment, no training - in most cost effective manner. Besides earning up to date technology qualifications, each of our IT partners are well experienced in the corporate and enterprise space, with good inside knowledge of business priorities and demands. Each IT partner can be contracted specifically and our partnership profiles detail the skill set and experience of each partner individually. Every partner has at least 10 years plus professional experience, all fully referenced. Additionally, partners are well equipped to pool efforts and knowledge to assist in larger projects - we will happily provide a small but capable team on a just in time basis for sensitive projects or when urgent demands arise.

Recognising the needs of the new business start-up…

If you are a small player wishing to move quickly, we can be of service. Small businesses dont have access to the resources of large established corporates. A new business involved in bringing a new product to market needs to be aware of costs and overheads each step of the journey. Purchasing expensive hardware like workstations and servers can be crippling in terms of cost and staying profitable. We can give you access to just in time computing capacity - so you never pay for more than you need and you never pay for resources that go unused.

Get the most from cloud without sacrifice…

Businesses are often wary to move every task and process to the cloud, and often for good reason. Every time you transfer sensitive data outside your premises it is vulnerable to the outside world. If you are developing novel, original products you definately want your designs and documentation to remain private. Commercially sensitive information is critical to your business. Putting everything to the cloud in a single stroke is something other players have come to regret. We will help you keep your competitive edge because we understand what is important to a growing business. A mixture of cloud computing plus virtualisation is often the best choice.

Custom virtual solutions put you back in control…

Using virtualisation you have access to benefits of the cloud within your own walls. We can put together a virtual solution within your own premises that will give you the edge in terms of flexibility and adaptability. We have found this approach most effective for startups and entreprenuers starting out. By giving you access to a mix of in-house hardware and resource, combined with scalable and complete access to cloud & virtual computing, your business instantly gains that competitive edge to move quicker than the others and to keep sharp at what you excel at.

Taking the pain out of technological change…

Technology moves along at a breath-taking speed. Our skills around managing, maintaining and administering systems can put the most up to date hardware and software in your hands, without you having to train new skills or employ new people. We can look after the routine parts and keep your systems well oiled and fine tuned. By delivering well thought PC hardware to your premises, and with careful planning we can offer you a virtualised environment where a single group of machines can be used and commissioned for new tasks whenever you need. Workstations purchased to design a product can become servers for your enterprise at other times, so that you will never over purchase computer resources again.

Delivering solid service at every level, from entreprenuer to enterprise…

We are a growing player in mid-market ICT, delivering managed solutions and services to SME and Enterprise business. Through round the clock telephone support and remote assistance, along with 24/7 on-site support from our hub of consultants, our aims are simple - enable your organisation to focus on core business, to grow and develop. That’s why we specialise in helping start-up companies and not-for-profit bodies - tailor made solutions, simplified pricing and the capacity to meet demand.

Desire to excel at delivering service, and to develop innovative solutions…

We aim to compete with the large players in the Managed Service Provider market, both on price and service quality. To this end, we aim to maintain the following standards

10 sec reponse time
90% of customer satisfied
75% solved on 1st call

Helping Start-ups

We offer a range of business services to help fledging businesses when they are getting established. We have experience in Company formation, Domain registration, Copyrighting, Licensing, Intellectual Property. We can help you navigate sometimes difficult decisions involving legal issues and accounting practises. Where necessary we will refer you to partners in Law firms and Accountacy firms in order to get the expert advice to give you piece of mind around sometimes complex and challenging aspects of starting a business.