Managed Virtual

Managed SQL Hosting

We can provide fully managed MS SQL Server capacity to accomodate your database application. These may be internal applications or part of a customer facing website. In either case, our Fully Managed service will take care of

  • Scaling - from single instance to cluster
  • Installation, Maintenance, Configuration & Upgrade
  • Database Monitoring
  • Replication & Clustering
  • Fault Tolerance & Failover

Managed NoSQL Hosting

If your requirements necessitate NoSQL, non-relational document store types of database, we can help you source appropriate capacity - including, but not limited to, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop & Cassandra. This is subject to change so be sure to get in touch.


We will help deploy your database and configure applications accordingly. For sensitive data we can deliver and strategy for housing data in-house or on private cloud. For public facing data, we will help with transfers to Windows Azure, AWS, and other competing providers.